The Yates Township Planning Commission is in the process of updating the current zoning ordinances. Below are the previous and most recent draft versions.

Yates Township is a zoned community. Zoning approval is needed BEFORE for any major structural and property renovations or additions are completed.

Contact the Yates Township Zoning Administrator, Chris Jacobs

The Yates Township Zoning Ordinances are in the process of being amended. As soon as they are complete, we will have them available here for viewing, downloading, etc. 

  • A camper shall not be parked or stored outdoors on a vacant lot or parcel (i.e. on a lot or parcel without a habitable house, dwelling or cottage thereon) for longer than 90 days during any calendar year. 
  • No camper shall be used as a permanent dwelling or for habitation except as expressly otherwise allowed pursuant to this Ordinance. 
  • No accessory structure, building, or addition may be attached to, built over or added onto a camper. Such prohibited items include, but are not limited to roofs-overs, storage sheds, additions, decks, and concrete paths. 

Chris Grier, Chair
Blair Evans, Secretary
Julia Carr
Kurt Johnson
Amy Ellis
Lester Walker
Shawn Coffey, Ex-Officio


Nicole Myers, Chair
Iris Hill, Vice Chair
Blair Evans, Secretary
Colleen Carrington-Atkins, Alternate
Paula Vollmer
Teri King
Charles Atkins, Alternate

Blair Evans, Chair
Colleen Carrington-Atkins, Secretary
Eric Patterson
Anthony Watts, Alternate

Zoning FAQs

A minimum of 840 square feet is required for each new one-story single family dwelling erected, other than mobile homes. Any two levels of bi-level, tri level or split-level single family dwelling shall be considered as one-story dwellings. The combined levels shall be not less than 1,200 square feet.

A minimum property size of 10,000 square feet is required to build, camp, or put a structure of any kind on the parcel.