As of September 2022, Yates Township has ended the trash pick-up contract with A-1 Services and has replaced it with Smith Dumpsters. 

Smith Dumpsters

Lake County Transfer Station
Summer Hours
10am – 1pm

Loose trash will not be picked up. Every 3rd Wednesday is bulk pick up day. No mattresses, couches, or anything more than 75 lbs. See button below for Smith’s bulk pick-up pricing list. 

Anyone who wants to keep your A-1 trashcans, they can be purchased: the older short square ones are $45 and the newer tall ones are $55. Make checks out to A-1 Service. You can bring your check to the township hall between 10am and 2pm Monday-Thursday. If you do not want to keep your A-1 trashcan you will have to bring it to the township between the same hours and come inside to give your information so we can get it to A-1 or you will be charged for not returning it. If you are unable to return it to the township, please call the township at 231-745-3940 and let us know so we can arrange to have it picked up.

If you would like to rent a trashcan from Smith Dumpsters, they will be $35 until the end of September 2022 and will go up to $65 in October 2022. This is a one-time rental fee for the duration of Smith’s contract with Yates Township.

Spring Clean-up

Please contact Gregory Hurst at (231) 745-3940 or

Stay tuned for Our 2023 Date!